Lisa Weber – Recording Secretary

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Lisa Weber is a member of the Samish Nation, a Coast Salish Tribe historical territory, the current Island County of Washington State.

She was born and raised in Tacoma/Olympia area, went to Chicago for college and lived in the Southwest for a few years. Lisa has been living in King County since 1997, where she has been active in local Democrat politics for the past few years. She currently sits on the Board of DDI as a recording Secretary.

Lisa is also on the board the National Women’s Political Caucus, Co-President of the National Organization of Women, Seattle Chapter, and Chair of her local Democrat Legislative District. Giving Speech and Debate workshops for Middle School and High School students at private organizations, working as a coach for the non-profit, Climb the Mountain, Speech, and Debate, and using her Project Management skills to build High School Debate teams, Lisa manages to keep busy as a new empty nester.


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