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Message from the President – Clarence

Message from the President – Clarence

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Create DDI’s Value Proposition – Clarence and Azziem

A value proposition is a statement that outlines how an organization’s services solve a member’s problem or improves their life or enhances their own organization. It is a promise of value to be delivered, and a belief from the member that the value promised will be delivered.

Founders Page text –

  • Mr. Robert Stephens

Member Testimonials

  • Rev. Carrie Anderson
  • Claud Burfect
  • Robert Stevens
  • Mary Williams

“Get Involved” Narrative – Clarence and Azziem

  • A narrative and/or list of ways people can get involved with DDI.
  • Civic Engagement
  • Events (Ongoing requirement as events come and go)
    • Lisa to handle Eastside.
    • Kevin to handle Seattle

  • Create new Square account and link for developers
    • Eric